New Disc Brake Policy – What does this mean for MCA members?

Effective immediately, the Cycling Canada Board, in consultation with the Inter-Provincial Committee (IPC) and all relevant committees & stakeholders, has approved the use of disc brakes for all road events across Canada with the exception of UCI sanctioned competitions.  This motion has been adopted by the Manitoba Cycling Association for all races at the Provincial level.

Further discussions will take place with the UCI with the goal of obtaining an exemption to allow disc brakes for the 2018 Canadian Road Championships.

What does this mean for MCA members?

The MCA looks to UCI and Cycling Canada regulations as a guide for provincially sanctioned races. These regulations provide guidance with regards to best practices for running cycling events at the highest level.

This change will enable the MCA to allow the use of disc brakes in competitive road events sanctioned at the provincial level.

Riders competing at a higher level, who may be attending UCI or Cycling Canada-level races, or racing out of the province, must adhere to the regulations laid out for those events.

Members should also recognize that race organizers may not be able to provide the same level of neutral service for disc wheels early into this change.

While this important change in the regulation is in effect immediately, the final decision to allow disc brakes for road events between now and the end of the calendar year is at the discretion of each Provincial Sports Organization (PSO). If you have disc brakes and either, go to a jurisdiction that does not allow them, or to a race falling under the trial requirement, you will most probably not be permitted to race, please check with the race organizers prior to the event.


UCI Continuing Trial at the International Level

The UCI is continuing the disc brake trial at the international level and may set specific standards for disc brakes in the future. When the trial period ends, further changes may be made to this ruling.

The MCA will continue to monitor developments, and work on behalf of our members of Manitoba to ensure that the sport of cycling will continue to grow in our province.