NEW 2020 License Structure!

2020 License descriptions (HERE)

2020 Licenses available for purchase (HERE)

License / Membership TypeAnnual Fee (membership valid Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2020)
UCI/CCA Race License 17+ (International, multi-discipline)$135.00 *
UCI/CCA Race License U17 (International, multi-discipline)$90.00 *
Adult “Manitoba” License (All disciplines)$90.00 *
Youth 9-16 “Manitoba” License (All disciplines)$80.00 *
Kids 8 & under “Manitoba” License (All disciplines)$70.00 *
General Membership (non-racing)$60.00 *

What is New?

  1. We have added a new “MANITOBA” race license type!
  2. We have removed the “CITIZEN” license type!
  3. Day Permits will be made available (more details to come)!

The intent of these changes is to work towards a more streamlined licensing structure for Manitobans. Our goal is to:

  • simplify the options
  • Improve inclusivity & reach – all ability levels, all ages, all seasons, all regions.
  • Attract new participants whether that is riding with a club or trying your first race.

In addition to the options posted above, we will be offering “One day race permits” for select events. We will be working through these options with our organizers and will provide an update asap. The cost of the day permit will be $20.00. Stay tuned for more details!

Friendly Reminder for Clubs: If you have not already done so, please register your club with the MCA so we can add your club name to the individual licenses. Register your club (HERE).