MTB Provincials Venue Changed

MTB Provincial’s are being moved from Falcon Ridge to Grand Beach

Following a trip to Falcon Ridge to plan the MTB Provincials the Mountain Bike committee has made decision to move the Provincial Championships from that venue to Grand Beach for Sunday, August 29th. The committee came to conclusion that the facility is not ready to hold a fair and challenging event for this race. The reason for the decision are based on:

  • the over abundance of rain has made the course almost impossible to get ready for this year
  • some trails are receiving a fair amount of damage because of wet conditions and continued use
  • the times and costs of getting the trails ready for a fair and challenging event: several bridges need to be built to prevent further damages to certain trails, trails need to be built to bypass un-rideable sections; new trails need to be made to bypass some wet sections

    We will be working on the venue over next year to get it ready and make it more usable for future events, Provincials and possibly a Canada Cup event. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact Hal Loewen (MTB Coordinator) or Ron Brown (MCA Executive Director)

    Hal Loewen
    MTB Committee Chair