MTB Provincials Category Information

Please note that categories are different for provincials than the Cup series. There is no Comp category in provincials; categories include Elite, Expert and Sport and are divided by age groups. With the exception of Master A and B riders who raced in the Elite category this season all riders must compete in the category listed on their race license. Riders who competed in the Comp category will compete in the Sport category. Comp riders who would like to compete in the Expert category can request to be moved into that category by emailing the MTB Coordinator before Wednesday, August 25th. Anyone who wishes to compete in the Elite category can request to compete in that category before by emailing the MTB Coordinator before Wednesday, August 25th. Decisions granting or denying the requests are made by the MTB Committee are based on the riders demonstrated ability during the past season (standings, points earned, and finishing times); all committee decisions are final.

Categories and divisions for provincials:

  • Senior Elite (19-29)
  • Senior Sport (19-29)
  • Senior Expert (19-29)
  • Master A 30+ Sport (30-39)
  • Master A 30+ Expert (30-39)
  • Master B 40+ Sport (40-49)
  • Master B 40+ Expert (40-49)
  • Master C 50+ Sport
  • Junior Expert (17-18)
  • Junior Sport (17-18)
  • U17
  • U15
  • U13
  • U11
  • U9