Mountain Bike Commissaire Course – April 18,2015

Congratulations to Karin McSherry who attended training earlier in March to become a Mountain Bike National Commissaire and Learning Facilitator! With that we now have the opportunity to train our own Mountain Bike Commissaires in Manitoba again.

In preparation for the upcoming mountain bike season and in order to be prepared for Canada Games 2017, the MCA is looking for individuals interested in becoming Mountain Bike Commissaires

Training will take place at the Sport for Life Centre (145 Pacific Ave) on April 18, 2015 (full day) and will be offered free of charge.  Returning Commissaires are required to attend for a portion of the day for any 2015 rule/procedure changes. Upon successful completion, officials are required to maintain their license by committing to a minimum of 2 events per season. We currently have weeknight and weekend races scheduled.

We ask the EACH club in Manitoba who wished to host a race have at the minimum 1 Mountain bike commissaire. Commissaires play a critical role in our sport, ensuring that cycling races are held in the best possible conditions and that races are run fairly by ensuring that the rules are uniformly applied.

To Register for the course please contact the MCA via email or phone:

Phone: 204-925-5686