Mennocross 2016 Results

We couldn’t have asked for a better day for some amazing cyclocross racing. With 183 adult racers and 52 kids racing, it was a record turnout, and Leah Kirchmann even made an appearance to hand out the awards for the Open and C races. A big thank you to Dark Red Racing and all of the volunteers who helped with setup, take-down, and helped throughout the day. Without folks like you, these events could not take place.

Note: There are no lap times due to issues with the timing system today.

Edit (Sept 25): Added times to B and C race results.

A Race Results

B Race Men Results

B Race Women Results

C Race Men Results

C Race Women Results

Citizen Race Men

Citizen Race Women

Open Race Men

Open Race Women

Kids Race Participation – 1 lap

Kids Race Results – 3 laps

Please direct any question, comments, or concerns to the race organizer, Christopher Neufeld