Member Benefit – 24/7 insurance coverage (optional)

Personal Cycling Sports Coverage  

Through our National Insurance policy, MCA members have insurance coverage for Liability and Sports Accident when they are participating in “sanctioned activities“.  However, any “activities” deemed outside the core program, would not be covered.  To fill this gap, there is optional Liability and Accident policy with No deductible
You must provide proof of MCA membership in order to obtain coverage.

This insurance coverage provides 24 /7 coverage as a result of an accident directly arising from you use of a bicycle. Key features are as follows:

A. Third Party Liability Coverage $1,000,000

B. Personal Accident ($25,000 or $50,000 available) 

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$1,000,000 Liability & $25,000 Accident Coverage Basic Premiums $50 

$1,000,000 Liability & $50,000 Accident Coverage Basic Premium is $100