MCA Townhall in Review and Move Forward

Town Hall Presentation (Oct 17 2011)

Notes from townhall

Member suggested solutions for identified key priorities

Townhall in Review and Moving Forward

I just wanted to thank our membership for attending our MCA Townhall on Monday, October 17th.  It was well attended and participation was active, honest, and positive.
After reflecting on the evening for a couple of days a few themes have risen above the rest.
·        Strengthening our clubs will strengthen the MCA

·        More club support and better communication is needed in general

·        Volunteers are the backbone of the MCA and need to be recruited, supported, and appreciated

·        The need to improve communication within and across committees to promote a stronger race calendar

I have realized that we all probably have some specific ‘takeaways’ that can move us forward.  These are things that we can each do now.
·        Commit to follow our ` values and principles` (see slide 13 and 14 from our Townhall Presentation) in all you do for the MCA and expect others to do the same

·        Find something within our mandate (see slide 3 from our Townhall Presentation) that you have benefited by or are passionate about and volunteer to contribute to this work. This may involve becoming a coach, or commissaire, helping to organize a race, joining one of our various committees as a `rep`, or letting your name stand for a board position.

·        If you already do more than enough, mentor someone into one of your various roles; we all need to plan for sustainability and succession.

I also realize that the board has some specific `takeaways`; these include:
·        Document and share the Townhall discussion with our membership (see attached notes)

·        Provide guidance to future board members about:
o   Prioritizing our mandate in relation to the amount of resources (financial and or volunteers) we have to do our work.

o  The importance of using our organization`s structure, resources, solutions (see members suggestions), and strengths for maximum possible benefit.
Many thanks again for your continued commitment to our Association.  

Feel free to contact me at or Twila Pitcher at should you wish to discuss any of these things.  
Many thanks,
Mike Caslor
Acting MCA President