MCA Rewards Program – New Club Opportunity with Champion Systems

Champion systems is a worldwide leader in custom apparel, offering premium quality,  handmade garments for clubs, teams, events, and charities.  They empowers athletes from professional cyclists to weekend-warriers. 

For clubs interested in creating technical apparel, Champion Systems offers customized design and branding to give you a professional look whether you are a trade team or weekend warrior!

The MCA is proud to extend the following offer to clubs affiliated with the MCA:

*All NEW clubs to Champion System affiliated with the MCA will receive a 10% discount on their introductory order.

*All clubs/teams associated with MCA will qualify for a CS rewards program. 

  • For every $2500 (net) spent, your club/team will receive a complimentary gift.
  • Options for 25 custom designed neck warmers or 25 custom designed headset caps free of charge.
  • Items will be customized to the club/team’s design.
  • Value of complimentary gifts is approx. $350