Prairie Virtual Spring Series April 18 to June 6

Welcome to the Prairie Virtual Spring Series – Presented by the MCA and SCA! Over the coming weeks we will be racing on routes around Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The event is being provided to our Manitoba and Saskatchewan Cycling Association members. Events will take place on Saturday mornings, and will alternate between Saskatchewan and Manitoba courses every week. We will be using the virtual training and racing software RGT Cycling to run these events on Magic Roads courses to recreate our favorite routes from our beautiful local roads. The races will vary between one and two hours in length. You can stop at any time. More details on RGT setup can be found below. Thank you to all who helped organize these events!

Course Schedule

Each week the course will switch between Manitoba and Saskatchewan highlighting a different region of each province each week. 

Sat, April 18: (MB) Spring Chicken Digital – Kenora, ON

Sat, April 25: (SK) Lake to the Ridge – Waskesiu, Prince Albert National Park, SK

Sat, May 2: (MB) Riding Mountain Cruise, Wasagaming, MB

Sat, May 9: (SK) East Qu’Appelle Crusade – Round Lake, SK

Sat, May 16: (MB) The Cabin Fever Dash – Falcon Lake, Whiteshell Provincial Park, MB

Sat, May 23: (SK) The Sa-Whet Scrimmage – Craven, SK

Sat, May 30: (MB) Pembina Hell – Pembina Valley, MB

Sat, June 6: (SK) Prairie Ear Popper Classic – Cypress Hills Provincial Park, SK

* Disclaimer: Participants are riding at their own risk and are free to stop at any time. Ride at a level that is suitable for your current health and fitness level.

Saturday mornings at 9:00am Saskatchewan time, 10:00am Manitoba time beginning on April 18th, 2020. Please “Join Event” at least 15 minutes early to give the course time to load. Races will be between one and two hours long,

Any rider who has a smart trainer or a standard trainer with a power meter can participate. Participants must sign up for an RGT Cycling account, with signup details below. All you need is the Free membership to participate. 

To register, participants can follow the link on a device with the RGT app downloaded for the event (see race details) and select “Sign Up” once the RGT application opens the ride details. *Depending on the application opening the link, the user may have to open the link in a browser. Do this by either selecting an icon in the top right corner of the screen (three dots in Facebook) and open the link in your browser or by holding the “link” hyperlink in the centre of your screen and opening in your browser. More details on RGT setup can be found below.

There are no entry fees to participate in these events, but you can support your local provincial sport organization (MCA, SCA) and clubs by becoming 2020 member.

Equipment Selection
In the equipment section of your RGT application, you may select from an array of bicycle and apparel options. Feel free to use any kit you wish EXCEPT for the “Adidas Adistar – Green” kit and “Ruhetag” kit. These kit options will be used to identify the Saskatchewan and Manitoba Provincial Teams respectively.

Setting up RGT Cycling

Information for setting up the RGT Cycling program can be found here. For troubleshooting, please refer to the RGT Cycling website (