May 29: ITT# 3 – Results

Everyone enjoyed a great ITT series this spring. Thank you Woodcock Cycle Works !   Congratulations to all the riders, and those who shared in the $450 of prizing.

RESULTS May 29 2014 ITT Series (2)

Noted Results:

Fastest Lap – Roadie    15:35 Willem Boersma

Fastest Lap – Tri            16:02 Davis Sohor

Best Overall Performance Male –   Don Sawatzky  (Roadie)

Best Overall Performance Female – Rennie Benedict (Roadie)

Most Improved Lap Time Race 1 over Race 2 – Bernadine Cheguis  (Tri)

Most Consistent Lap Time Race 1 & Race 2 – Tim Woodcock (Roadie)

Races cannot happen without the hard work and dedication of volunteers:   Jan Anderson, Audrey & Dan Marcoux, Anne Marie Palfreeman, Jane & Mike Payment, Jeff Ayre and Don Sawatzky.

Thanks to medics, Gord Mackay and Blake Mackay, and to  commissaires, Mannie Bairos, Lorraine Horton and Arlene Woodcock.