Manitoba reaches Podium at Canada Cup in Dieppe!

Manitoba’s Ethan Vandenberg is climbing the ladder as he makes the MTB ranks formerly reserved for larger provinces.

August 19 – XCC event (combined U17/U19)

An incredibly fast paced race. Ethan rode hard with the lead group and juggled for positions. He placed 7th overall.

August 21 – XCO event (U17)

There was a punchy and rough start as there were athletes vying for positions. Another fast paced race. Ethan placed 5th. (Podium photo above had 5 provinces, which was very exciting to see).

August 22 – New Brunswick XCO Cup 

Two Manitoba boys podiumed:

Ethan Vandenberg – 1st

Soren Weselake – 3rd

From a New Brunswick reporter: Normand Leger through centre de Cyclisme Dieppe: A Manitoba runner, Ethan Vandenberg (Gold) has raided the lads high honors-17 years in 44 m23, 3 out of all 3 laps. His countryman, Soren Weselake (bronze) finished third and Mika Comaniuk (silver) from Quebec second.

See full results here:

Photos: Don Ricker