Manitoba Marathon Seeking Cycling Volunteers


The Manitoba Marathon (Sunday, June 19) is returning to regular race operations this year, but we are finding ourselves short on volunteers in many areas. One of those areas is our cycling team.

Our Cycling team serves two functions on race day: some accompany the top three runners in the full and the half, and some ride with the “herd” (aka the big masses of people) to spot any incidents or possible issues.

Skills needed would be strong cyclists with a good sense of direction. They would need to familiarize themselves with the marathon maps before the race to ensure they know the route and major intersections along the course. Some cyclists are asked to ride with radios to report back to our Communications Centre, and some positions do not require it. Arrival time is 6 AM on race day, and usually, the cyclists wrap up by about noon.

As we are hosting the Canadian Half Marathon Championships again this year, our Cycle team is a vital part of those operations. If you can share this volunteer opportunity with your members or in any other way, assist us with recruiting, it would be most appreciated.

Interested riders can volunteer at (scroll to the bottom past all of the course marshals)

Your help is GREATLY appreciated as this year has been a real transition for volunteers.

Kirsten Parker

Programs Manager

Manitoba Marathon

1479 Dublin Ave, Winnipeg, MB, R3E 3G8

(204) 415-4517