Manitoba Cyclists Ketler and Bergen race Intelligetsia Cup Chicago

The Intelligetsia Cup in Chicago runs from July 19th to 28th and it consists mostly of criteriums, however there is a road race and Kermesse Road Race thrown in for good measure. Mitch Ketler raced the Glen Ellyn Crit on July 20th and the West Dundee Crit race on July 24th. He won 3 primes in both and placed 9th out of 115 starters in the West Dundee (pictured below at the podium to receive his prize money).

Nick Bergen has also been doing well (maroon jersey in the pictures below). Bergen raced from the 19th to the 22nd in the Cat 2/3 race. In his last race, the South Chicago Kermesse Road Race, he was in the break and placed 9th overall.

For more information on the races, check out the website HERE