Manitoba Cycling Clubs & Rides


Cycling is a sport and activity for life. There are all kinds of cycling clubs to help you grow your confidence on a bike, find your community, and meet others of similar interest.

Clubs are recreational, competitive, long-distance,  youth focused, support skills and safety, provide clinics and education, host events, but most importantly are about having FUN! 

A club can help meet the interests of the members that form it. Clubs organize rides, fun excursions + adventures, improve your riding no matter what level you are at, find new paths and destinations, and provide clinics, and riding tips!  Club members work together to create the activities they enjoy and want to pursue 12 months of the year. There are clubs for every ability level, age, and interest and if you don’t see a club that fits your interests, you can form one yourself with Manitoba Cycling’s help.


Why register your club with Manitoba Cycling?

  1. MCA Affiliated Clubs can obtain access to funding thru Manitoba Cycling and other grant initiatives.
  2. MCA affiliated Clubs can obtain insurance thru the MCA for their member activities.  General liability + Sport accident.  Clubs also have access optional D+O insurance.
  3. MCA Club members have access to events, clinics, and training, ride leader guidance.
  4. New MCA clubs who want to create a cycling kit, will get 10% off the purchase of a cycling jersey order through Champion Systems.
  5. Clubs have access to the new Link-my-ride app to help organize and communicate activities
  6. Your club will be listed on Manitoba Cycling’s website with a link to your activities for new riders looking for a club.

Consider starting a club or joining a club in 2023.