Making Ethical Decisions (MED) + Practise Planning *Important


NCCP – MAKING ETHICAL DECISIONS must be completed before you can deliver programming (i.e: kids of mud program).  There are two components to this training: the online or home study training plus the evaluation of which you need to pass to be certified.

You can sign-up for a MED course thru Sport Manitoba or thru Cycling Canada:

  • Manitoba Courses: Coaching Manitoba NCCP website.
  • Cycling Canada Courses:  (note: you can sign-up with any province)

If you cannot find a course to sign-up for before the Practice Planning course on April 11 and 12…please sign-up for PRACTIcE PLANNING anyways.   We will accept you taking the MED after practice planning and/or basic bikes skills before you launch the program.

Deadline to sign-up for PRACTISE PLANNING + BASIC BIKE SKILLS is tuesday, APRIL 4!