Let’s get racing Manitoba!

During this time of social distancing, we have seen our ability to race with one another outside become unavailable as an option. We are all itching to race, but currently we are unable to have any races in Manitoba. To help satisfy our racing itch, we decided to come up with some different types of races. The Social Distancing Challenges are solo races over different courses (road, urban cyclocross and MTB), where we can race each other for the fastest times on each course.

Every two weeks we will setup 3 different types of courses for you to complete. The goal is to complete a course in the fastest time that you can. Funding raised from these challenges will be used to support maintenance work at Bison Butte and other MTB venues used as part of these challenges. Bison Butte has taken some heavy damage this spring from being ridden on too early, that it now requires some work to repair. Other venues in Manitoba are also being continually maintained and improved, and we want to support them as well. Thus, there is a need to raise funds to help offset these costs to maintain the venues that we all love to ride.

More information and registration (updated June 8, 2020) HERE