Leah Kirchmann announces retirement

Leah Kirchmann has been a pro cyclist for for 12 years!  During this time, she never forgot her Manitoba roots, including always carrying an annual Manitoba Cycling  license, coming back to ride with the Provincial team, and speaking at our awards banquet. She has been the cycling pride of Manitoba and Canada. She has mentored many, whilst raising the bar for so many pursuing the same path.   If you ever wondered if a Manitoba kid could make it to the Olympics and be successful on the world stage, you did not have to look too far for inspiration.

We have no doubt that Leah will take all that sport has taught her and apply this towards future adventures with the same “punch” and “professionalism” she had as a pro-cyclist.

Thank you Leah for representing Manitoba and our sport so well, for being a professional in every way, and for giving us a reason to get up at 3am to see if we can catch a live steam of you somewhere else in the world.  You are and always will be awesome!

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