La Barrier Cross (Cyclocross)

The Barrier

Date: Sunday, September 25, 2011

Host Club: MCA Road Committee

Race Organizer: Gary Sewell

*Before you read any further, please read the important bulletin about category changes for B and C race riders on the cyclocross blog.

As announced at the first two races, because of competitive and especially safety concerns some riders have been moved from the B to C category. If you are now in the C category and arrive late for your race you will not be allowed to ride the B race.

Date: September 25, 2010

Location: La Barriere Park

This is race #3 of the cyclocross cup series

Please Note we are guests of the City of Winnipeg and we must leave the park in similar condition to which we find it. We are required to rake the course after we are finished. All riders are requested to bring a rake to help rake the course. Raking will
begin as soon as the A race is completed.

This race is organized by the cyclocross committee. As well as teardown we require volunteers for set-up and registration. If you can help please contact the organizer.


  • Kids (U11): 1:00 PM (12 min + 1 lap)
  • Open: There is no open/licence free race. The citizen’s licence from the MCA is a real
  • C-race (CX 4 women, CX 4 men, citizen riders): 1:30 PM (20 min + 1 lap)
  • B-race (CX 1/2/3 women, CX 3 men): 2:15 PM (30 min + 1 lap)
  • A-race (CX 1/2 men) : 3:30 PM (45 min + 2 laps)
  • Assembly and Seeding:
    Riders in the C, B and A races will assemble 10 minutes before the scheduled race
    start and will be called to the start line in seeded order. Seeding is based on placement
    in the first two races of the 2011 season. Riders who have not raced yet will start at
    the back of their group.

    You must initial beside your name on the seeding list when you sign-in or else you will
    start with the non-seeded riders.

    Registration opens at 12:00 and ends 30 minutes before your event. You must hold a
    UCI/CCA racing license, MCA citizen license, KOM license. Kids (U11) may race license free.

    Registration and waiver are available online and at the race site. To save everyone
    time, please download the form and waiver, complete both and bring to the race. If you come to the race without forms completed you risk missing your race due to congestion at the registration desk.

    All riders (including those with season’s passes) must hand in a waiver and show their
    licence to the commissaries.


  • $15 for CX 1, 2, 3, and 4 racers. Cash only. Sorry, absolutely no cheques.
  • $5 for citizen’s racers. Cash only. Sorry, absolutely no cheques.
  • Free for U11.
  • Race Course:
    The course will be similar to last year’s very popular course. It will be open for pre-
    riding at about noon on race day, but no sooner due to concerns about soil erosion.
    Length will be 3 to 3.5 km. The course will consist of a hard pack road, forest paths,
    and grass fields.

    Race Regulations:

  • Hand-ups (food, water, tools, supplies, or anything else) are not allowed anywhere on the course. A rider may NOT take on any additional water or food at any time during the race.
  • Mechanical work, bike exchange, and wheel exchange may take place only within the designated pit lane. Riders may never cut across the course and may never backtrack
    along the course to get to the pit lane. For more information see the poster at sign-in.
  • Road, mountain, and cyclocross bikes are allowed depending on race. MTB handlebars must not have bar-ends in any of the races. All bikes must have functional front and rear brakes in all of the races. Tires in the A race are restricted to a maximum width of 35mm. Bikes in the A race must have traditional road style handlebars (drop bars). More details are available on the CXMB blog
  • Riders are required to wear a hard-shell ANSI or SNELL approved helmet while racing,
    warming up, and cooling down.
  • Parking:
    Parking is available in the parking lot.

    Courtesy and Safety:

    The park is a public area and will be marked as closed, but marshals do not have
    authority to prevent people from entering. Keep your head up at all times.

    Be courteous to all park users. Please clean up after yourself.

    The washrooms just north of the parking lot may or may not be open. They were
    closed last year. Outhouses are available.

    Last Minute Information:
    Please regularly consult the cyclocross blog for any last minute updates.