Kids and Teens in Sport – McNally Robinson Speaker Series: Concussions

Kids and Teens in Sport – McNally Robinson Speaker Series

Join Dr. Glen Bergeron in the Community Classroom as he shares the latest information on Concussions with specific reference to the impact on Kids in sport.

Learn the mechanics of concussion, the signs, symptoms and return to activity guidelines. Learn why they must be treated so seriously and how to be proactive and reduce the concussion rate in youth sport.

Dr. Bergeron will also talk about Teens in the Weight Room. He will present the issues to consider when prescribing strength-training programs for adolescent youth, including the physical characteristics of a teenager, the different strength training options, as well as the necessary precautions when designing a strength-training program.

Concluding the series will be Registered Dietitian Janelle Vincent speaking on nutrition for the young athlete. Janelle will cover general nutrition guidelines including portion sizes and meal timing and move towards a sport focus on the importance of nutrition, both pre-and during exercise, including the importance of hydration for sport performance. Sport supplements including sports drinks, energy drinks, protein powders, nutrition on the road, how to make a sport nutrition plan, as well as meal ideas will also be discussed.

This series will be of interest to parents of young athletes, coaches and trainers.

September 12 & 19
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Cost: $50 for two Wednesdays

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