ITT (Road)

Organizing Club: Fort Garry Bike Club/Red River Racing Team Time Trial
Race Bible:


  • Adam Bergen, 232-0230 or
  • Mike Giesbrecht, 792-5396 or

Race Fees:    $5.00 per rider,  (kids under 15 race for free)

Registration on-site only. Registration closes at 6:30 pm; first team to start at 7:00 pm.


  • Four riders per team, but note that the finishing time is marked when the third rider crosses the line.
  • No restrictions as to age, gender, or ability in putting together teams.

Location: Bird’s Hill Park

Start/Finish at the parking lot at Nimowin Road (take North Drive when entering park).
Main Event will be 3 laps of the park, clockwise; approx. 33.5 km.  Teams may also opt to do either 1 or 2 lap events.


  • Teams will ride as far to the right of the road as possible, except when overtaking a slower team.
  • Teams being overtaken may not deviate from a straight line or otherwise impede an overtaking team.
  • At no time may either team draft the other.
  • No hand-ups allowed; mechanical assistance may only take place at the start/finish, and only after the rider has pulled off the course.
  • Dropped riders may not rejoin their team after falling a lap back.


  • Team: Awarded at the organizer’s discretion for outstanding camaraderie and team spirit.
  • Time: Fastest time in the main, 3 lap, event.
  • Trial: Awarded at the organizer’s discretion for outstanding sportsmanship in the face of adversity, or overcoming significant hardship in the course of the race.

You must hold a current UCI/CCA racing licence (including Kids of Mud) or a MCA citizen licence.
Waiver MUST be filled out and signed for each racer.

Riders are required to wear a hard-shell ANSI or SNELL approved helmet while racing, warming up, and cooling down.

Courtesy and Safety: The courses are open and the public can access the course at any point. Signs will indicate that bike race is in progress, but marshals do not have authority to prevent people from entering the course. Keep your head up at all times. Be courteous to all vehicles and pedestrians.