ITT Postponed

From the organizer…

The May 2nd ITT at BHP has been postponed due to weather. The most likely make-up date is May 16 – to be ratified by the road committee.

The latest forecast for Winnipeg is for an low of +1 and a high of +6 with 60% chance of rain or snow. The low for BHP is predicted to be -1 with a high of +4 with a start time temperature of +2 or +3.

The best possible conditions would be +3 and dry; far from pleasant, but something that we could certainly do. However, there is a 1 ½ times greater likelihood that it will be near freezing with rain, freezing rain, or snow in which case we would not be able to proceed. Out of respect for everybody I have decided to postpone the event now so you can make other plans for the weekend. I apologize for any inconvenience.