Important Notice regarding access to King’s Park for EGOCROSS on Sunday, Sep 15th

There is an annual ½ marathon that takes place on the same date as EgoCross.   Marathon participants will be running up and down King’s Drive (South of the U of M).

Here is our recommended route to avoid the marathon:

King’s Park: 198 Kings Dr

Take Pembina to Dalhousie Drive

From Dalhousie Drive turn Left on Silverstone Ave (east)

From Silverstone Ave turn Right on Leach St (south) and then Left on Patricia Ave (east) to get to King’s Park Entrance

Once you enter the park, the road will wind to the Parking lot.  You will see a small parking lot to the left..Keep driving.  You want to park in the second lot which is connected to the park.

Event Schedule

10:15 – Course opens for pre-riding for kids
10:30 – Kids Event: U11 kids and younger, U13 kids with less racing experience Male and Female. (Kids will be broken into two groups based on age)

ADULT RACES11:30PM – Course opens for pre-riding
12:00PM – C Event/Citizen racers
1:15PM – A Event
2:30PM – B Event

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