How to sign-up for Coach + Commissaire training

All Coach and Officials training is posted to Cycling Canada Educational portal which can be accessed here:

Please follow the instructions below is you are registering for a clinic.


Set-up Account

  1. All courses are posted to the Cycling Canada’s Learning Management hub. Login Url (Address) here :

    If you do not already have an account you will need to set one up.    Click “Register” and then set-up an account with username and password. Save your username/password somewhere you can find it for future registrations.

  2. Once you have set-up an account you will receive a noreply email confirmation from Cycling Canada confirming your account.

Register for Course

  1. Login here :

    Select “Course & Webinar Listing” to the left

  2. Under Course & Webinar Listing click the “Provincedropdown arrow and select Manitoba.  This will provide all virtual/in-person and online courses available


Manitoba Course Instructor:

Monika Robertson – Learning Facilitor (Manitoba):