How to Purchase a Race License

Click (HERE) to access the CCN registration site to purchase your license online.

Once compelte, you will receive a email confirmation confirming that your license has been successfully purchased.  Please print this confirmation and present at rides and races until your license card arrives in the mail.

Adult License Types for Cyclocross:

1) UCI/CCA race license : Select this license type if you have previously held a race license.  For Cyclocross you will have the option to select one of five ability categories which will be printed on your license:

  • Category 1 : most competitive level
  • Category 2:
  • Category 3:
  • Category 4:
  • Category 5: beginner

(Please note you will need to upload a photo for this race type.  See instructions below).

2) MCA Citizen License : This is a license type that has been created by the MCA, in the province of MB for first time racers.  Holders of this license type will only be allowed to race in the Open category for beginners only (or Category 5).  A photo is not required for this license type. This license is good for one calendar year only.

If you have  held a license in the past you must now purchase the full UCI/CCA license (see #1 above).

All licenses are valid for one calendar year.  Your license will expire this year on December 31,2012.

All full UCI/CCA LICENSE HOLDERS: must append a photo before their license can be printed.   PHOTO REQUIREMENTS

Save a photo (head/sholder picture) of yourself prior to registering for your license.  You will beable to upload the photo during the registration process.

MCA Citizen license holders (first time racers who have never held a race license before) do not require a photo the first year.


You can go back into your personal CCN profile at anytime using your email address and password. If you don’t have a photo downloaded you can add to your registeration you complete the registration process and add a photo after.  Keep in mind we cannot print your license until the photo is added.

Adding a photo after registration


If you need support navigating the ‘CCN” site or uploading a photo, please  contact: 1-888-988-2453  (toll-free)

If you still have additional questions, please contact the MCA office at 925-5686.