Happy New Year !

Happy New Year to Everyone !

It is hard to beleive that the regular Race Season is just 3 months away.  To start the year off “Ice Bike”, hosted by Woodcock Cycle Works will take place February 10th.

In preparation for this season’s line-up of races, all race organizers and commissaires and are invited to join us the evening of January 8th to help draft the 2013 sanctioned race calendar.

On February 1rst, you can expect to see the 2013 sanctioned race calendar posted online.  As well, online licenses and memberships will be available for purchase.

There are 4 types of licenses available:

  • UCI/CCA Race license (age 17 and over)  $115.00 online
  • UCI/CCA Race license (age 17 and under) $70.00 online
  • MCA Citizen Race License (first time racers only, valid for one year)  $55.00 online
  • General Non-Race license (applicable for club rides and kids of mud non-race particpants) $48.00 online

A processing fee will be apply to the non-online license purchases.

There will be two types of Club Membership offered this year:

  • Club A’s and Club B’s. Details (Here)

As a reminder, Community Grants may be available to our affiliated clubs and partners that may help support your 2013 plans.  To access, enter “Community Grants” in the search bar at the top right of this page.

The Development Fund is also available for clubs interested in developing coaches, commissaires and venues.  Click (Here) for more details.

Happy planning everyone.