Grant Opportunities for MCA community Partners

Affiliation with the MCA has its benefits including many Regional Community grant opportunities .

Over the last five or so years, CS4L (Canadian Sport for Life) has become a virtual ‘movement. Sport Manitoba’s plans, programs and grants are more and more being directed to support the emerging Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) model which also serves to connect sport’s goals and outcomes with partners in education, recreation and healthy living.

Grants are available to MCA affiliated clubs and community partners to provide “assistance” with expenses which are directly related to sport development.

For an overview of Regional Community Grants available (Click Here)

Consult with the MCA to clarify/confirm the validity of applications

All applications must be completed, signed and submitted to the appropriate Regional Office* prior to your event. The only exceptions are the Travel Assistance Grants which have a submission deadline of 2 weeks after the event.

Prior to receiving funding, successful applicants must submit (within four weeks of their event) a signed Post Event Report, complete with the budget with actual expenses and paid receipts (or photocopies of same).

We hope our community partners and affiliated clubs have an opportunity to take advantage of this available assistance and contribute to the positive impact that these grants will have at the “Fundamentals”, “Learning to Train”, “Training to Train” and “Training to
Compete” stages within the Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) development model.