Esports Initiatives for all! Hop on!

We have started a new initative with Cycling Canada that we are excited to share to help keep you fit over the winter!

Weekly Zwift rides & races are now being launched weekly! Come out and Ride, Race, or even lead a ride!

Events started Nov 02 and we have gotten off to an excellent start! Our events have been some of the most well-attended (if not THE most attended) events on the platform this week. Here is a recap on the participation numbers:

Weekly Tune-up Ride (Monday Nov. 2): 217 participants/20 countries

Weekly Tune-up Ride Women’s Edition (Tuesday Nov. 3): 52 participants/4 countries

Wednesday Night Race Series: 187 Registered/148 Competed/17 countries


We anticipate many learnings in the coming weeks/months, and have already begun some tweaks which will be in place by next week including:

  • Intensity of interval work will be decreased slightly going into Monday/Tuesday group rides next week. The essence of the intervals will be fluid as we change ride leaders from week-to-week, but we’re hoping to set a solid standard and build consistency
  • We heard from the female cycling community that although our Wednesday races had 4 “co-ed” categories and 1 “women’s specific” category, the series wasn’t entirely conducive to beginner-level women looking to race (even low-level co-ed categories are majorly dominated by male participants). As such, we’ve requested an additional race start-time on Wednesday at 8:15pm EST for women-only. The race will have the exact same format as the open race at 8:05pm EST (same course, distance, etc.), albeit all categories will be restricted to women’s-only. Women will still have the opportunity to race in the 8:05pm Open race should they wish – it will be completely up to them. Revised format for our Wednesday races beginning next week will be:
    • Open Race – 8:05pm EST – Categories A, B, C, D all co-ed
    • Women’s Race – 8:15pm EST – Categories A, B, C, D all women’s-only

We are still awaiting confirmation that the women’s race will be added by next week, and will be circulating news on social media once that’s confirmed

  • Many people asked about event details/webpage for the weekly activity. Click here for the event webpage which summarizes upcoming events, ride leaders, and courses.

Coming soon  “Cycling Canada Pre-Worlds Showdown Series” beginning next Saturday November 14th at 12:00pm EST.

The events have been granted to all national federations by Zwift as a mean to give national team athletes a chance to compete on select courses ahead of World Championships on Dec. 8-9.  These events will be open to the wider Zwift community so that anyone can compete. Stay tuned to our social media pages and event webpage for updates on those races next week.

Finally, a reminder that ride leader applications for the window of November 16th to January 12th will be due back to Cycling Canada no later than November 11th.

Here is a copy of the Ride Leader Resource Guide if there are any Manitoba Rides leaders interested or curious in leading a ride!