Driving coach education through new eLearning modules


The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) has recently launched a number of new eLearning modules in the Locker. With the aim to advance access to coach development in an online environment, each month from March until June a new eLearning module has become available for coaches.  Each multi-sport module focuses on different issues and topics that are important for a coach to add to their own coaching toolkit.

If you’ve missed them, don’t worry, here’s a recap!

The CAC’s new Support Through Sport series was designed to empower coaches to recognize and take action when it is suspected that a teen sport participant is involved in an unhealthy dating relationship. The series includes training and a toolbox of downloadable tools and resources.

Understanding Teen Dating Violence is the foundational eLearning module in this series and focuses on creating healthy environments for sport participants between the ages of 11 and 24 years. Coaches will learn to identify elements of healthy relationships, define teen dating violence, and take action when teen dating violence is suspected or known in this free eLearning module.

Take the training: https://coach.ca/support-through-sport


Mental health impacts the quality of life and performance of both sport participants and coaches. The CAC’s free Mental Health in Sport eLearning module was developed to educate coaches about mental health to empower them to effectively play a role in supporting the well-being of the participants in their sport program, while also supporting their own mental health.
Take the training: https://coach.ca/mental-health-sport


The Leading a Return to Sport Participation eLearning module provides the tools for coaches to lead a safe and adaptive transition back to sport with a focus on COVID-19. After completing this free module, coaches will understand their role in facilitating this transition and learn practical advice to apply when creating their own return-to-sport plan.

Take the training: https://coach.ca/return-to-sport


With support of the CAC, School Sport Canada (SSC) has launched a new eLearning resource that seeks to reduce barriers to sport participation by shedding light on the aspects of effective teaching and learning.

Coaching School Sport: Redefining Winning is designed for the interscholastic school coach and reflects core competencies promoted through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). The new eLearning module is the first designed specifically for all school sport coaches in Canada. The knowledge, skills and tools developed from the course aim to foster a school sport environment for student athletes to succeed in all areas of life.

Take the training: https://thelocker.coach.ca/onlinelearning#SSC-RW-E