Race season check-list!

  1. Bike check-up + maintenance
  2. Helmet inspection
  3. Find your Race numbers: Bring what you have to your first road or mtb event.  If you need a new number a commissaire will assign at check-in on race day
  4. Park pass if needed
  5. Get your Race license here:!/memberships/manitoba-cycling-association-2023-annual-license-membership

Things to Bring!

  1. Bike!
  2. Helmet
  3. Shoes + socks
  4. Gloves
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Race License
  7. Jersey, bibs/shorts
  8. Extra clothes: rain, cold, post race change of clothes
  9. Water bottles + lots of water
  10. Race Food
  11. Post-race recovery drink/snack  (4:1 ratio of carbs vs protein)
  12. Electrolyte drink
  13. Spare wheels and/or tubes (tire levers + CO2)
  14. Cycling computer
  15. Heart rate strap
  16. Bike floor pump
  17. Basic tools: Allen key, multi-tool, flathead + Phillips screwdrivers, electrical tape
  18. Pins and/or zip ties (for race numbers)
  19. Map to event + race details (copy of race bible) for start times etc.

Pre-race Check:

  1. Go to registration,  check-in, and pickup race number if needed.
  2. Kit on
  3. Number pinned
  4. Tires pumped
  5. Computer on bike
  6. Water bottles full
  7. Food
  8. Go check out the course!
  9. Get to the start line early