Dispute from April 24th Training Crit – Follow up

As many of you know, an altercation occurred in the Cat 3 race at the Training Crit on April 24th . The two riders were temporarily suspended from all MCA races under UCI rule 1.2.079: “All licence holders … shall refrain from any acts of violence, threats or insults or any other improper behaviour or from putting other persons in danger.” This suspension was pending the outcome of a disciplinary hearing.

The decision from this hearing is attached. The names have been removed for privacy reasons.

mca disciplinary panel 28 may 2012 (2)_Redacted

The suspensions of both riders have been lifted. Both of them are eligible to register for this weekend’s races and any further races. Both racers have been informed that a further hearing and suspension could result from further indcidents.

The Panel also made recommendations regarding the process for handling protests and disputes. The MCA will consider and implement these recommendations as soon as possible.

If there are any concerns regarding this matter, please let contact me.

Jason Carter
MCA Prez