Did you Know? “Free” Club Page

Did you know that through your club affiliation with the MCA, Clubs can set-up a “Club Page” Thru CCN (cycle component network) free of charge.

What does this allow you to do?
-Allows club members a convenient method of purchasing club memberships, program fees, and even merchandise with their credit card, online through the clubs existing website or blogsite in one transaction.
-The club has the convenience of receiving direct payment for purchases into their own bank account vs manual collection.
-Clubs can easily access reporting on club members, merchandise purchases etc.
-Club pages can be customized with the clubs own style and brand.

What is the cost of set-up?
-Free for Clubs affiliated with the MCA!

How do you get started?
-Contact the MCA (204-925-5686 or cycling.ed@sportmanitoba.ca) and provide the name of your key contact from your club. We will get the wheels in motion!

Please ensure you contact CCN (1-866-534-2453) to provide revisions for the 2018 season.