DarkCross Results

What an event to kick off the 2015 Cyclocross season! Record attendance, flaming barriers, and one of the most fun cyclocross courses on the Manitoba circuit! Thanks to the folks with Dark Red Racing for putting on an excellent event.

A few things to note:

In the B race, rider 157 was actually in 6th place. Unfortunately, we don’t know who this is as it wasn’t on any of our registration sheets. I have since learned his first name may be Travis and he was wearing an Olympia jersey. If anyone can confirm who this is, I’d be happy to add him to the seeding for Mennocross.

In the Open race, female rider 266 came in 4th for the women’s category. She showed up once we had the registration sheets on the track so we don’t know who she is.

The results for C do not include lap times or a fancy HTML page with the charts and such as the timing structure was taken out by a rider early in the second lap. I’m told he’s doing okay, but it was an unfortunate event that we are hoping to avoid in the future.

Here are the results:

HTML: Open / Not available for C / B (men/women)A
EXCEL: Open / C (including Citizen) / B / A

Darkcross 2015 Kids Results