Cyclocross National Championships coming to Winnipeg!

Cycling Canada Press Release

Pedal Magazine

The Manitoba Cycling Association is excited to announce that our Province has been officially awarded the 2014 and 2015 National Cyclo-cross Championships.  It has been 18 years since we have had a National Cycling Event in our Province.  Winnipeg hosted the Track Nationals in 1995.  In 1993, the Road Nationals were hosted by Brandon.

This is not only a testament to the growth and popularity of Cyclo-cross racing in Manitoba, but GREAT event organizing, and the collaboration of key individuals who made it their goal to bring a National event to our city, in a prime location – The Forks.

Year over year, we have experienced record participation at our Cyclo-cross events.  This Fall there were 8 events hosted by various MCA affiliated cycling Clubs.  The Provincial Championships were held at the Forks on November 3rd,2013  (as a test event for the National Cyclo-cross bid).

“Humble Beginnings”

As Gary Sewell (MCA Cyclo-cross Chair ) provided in his Annual report, the sport of Cyclo-cross in Manitoba began back in the fall of 2001.  Ian Hall, Paddy Humenny, and Dallas Sigurdur were clearing a path through the snow to create a course at a local park for a “different kind of cycling event”.   Cyclocross wasn’t on the official MCA calendar at this time and there wouldn’t even be an official Cyclocross Provincial Championship for a few more years.  The  sport which originated in Europe in the 1900’s, gained traction in the USA in the 1970’s.  A small group of Manitobans started to travel to the USA events to compete about 10 years ago.   Along the way people like Hal Loewen, Tomek Jasiakiewicz, Olli Hyytiainen, and Chris Huebner became core Local race organizers bringing unique talents to help nurture and build the rich community of Cyclo-cross participants we have today.  As the sport started to grow, more organizers, racers, officials, volunteers, and spectators also emerged.  In the early days we attracted 25-30 racers.  Thru the hard work and efforts of a passionate community, as well as the word of mouth about a cycling event that was both “fun and challenging”,  over 200  competitors (Ages 5-70) now come out to compete.


The Cyclo-cross Nationals will be co-chaired by Chris Huebner (Dark Red Racing) and Ian Hall (Olympia Cycling Club) who are seasoned organizers and who have coordinated major cycling events in our province. The sport of Cyclo-cross (“Cross”) combines aerobic endurance with bike-handling skills.  It is a fantastic spectator event which draws an energetic crowd.

The National Championships is slated for Nov 1 and 2, 2014 at the Forks.