CX Nationals: Donations with tax receipts

The Manitoba Cycling Association is pleased to inform you that the “Cyclo-cross National Championships” is an approved project of the National Sport Trust Fund Manitoba (NSTF). The NSTF is an approved program of the Canadian Council of Provincial and Territorial Sports Federations (CCPTSF). The CCPTSF is a Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association, which has the ability to issue tax receipts for eligible donations of $50 or greater to approved projects. The program is administered locally by Sport Manitoba, the Fund Manager.

The MCA has set up the NSTF to allow people and businesses to donate funds to the “Cyclo-cross National Championships” in exchange for an official tax receipt from Revenue Canada.  Businesses need to know that this program is completely different from a sponsorship agreement.   Donations are pure gifts without the expectation of recognition, advertisement or special treatment.   The Cyclo-cross organizing committee has separate sponsorship opportunities that help businesses gain recognition for their support.

Donating to this program can be done easily:

A)”DONATE” online (HERE).

Project Name: Manitoba Cycling Association “Cyclo-cross National Championships”/Project Number: MB14-08


B)”DONATE” by cheque:

  1. Print and complete a Donation Form.  Donor Form for NSTF
  2. Make cheque payable to “CCPTSF – Manitoba
  3. Mail form and cheque to:
  • Canadian Council of Provincial & Territorial Sport Federations Inc.
  • National Sport Trust Fund- Manitoba Chapter
  • 145 Pacific Avenue
  • Winnipeg, MB R3B 2Z6

Expect to receive an official tax receipt for donations over $50.00 in the mail quarterly.


The NSTF retains 5% of each donation to cover administrative costs, but the rest goes directly to the “Cyclo-cross National Championships Program”.  Funds received will be used to cover expenses that are aimed at developing physical literacy and developing talent, in conjunction with the National Cyclo-cross Championships.

By providing a donation to the “Cyclo-cross Nationals” project you are helping to bring a premier cycling event to Winnipeg, put our City on the Map as a cycling host, and support the many volunteers that are working behind the scenes to make this an unforgettable event.  Thank-you.

For more details on the National Sport Trust Fund: (Click Here)