Cycling Safety Videos for all!

The Manitoba Cycling Association officially launched their cycling safety videos series today in collaboration with Manitoba Healthy Living and Seniors at West Meadows School.

“A special thank you to Tetro Design and Handcraft creative for taking educational content and creating a fun and entertaining video series that is relevant for all”

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Press Release

New Resources Released to Improve Road Safety for Drivers and Cyclists

Today, the Manitoba Cycling Association (MCA) released  much needed bicycle safety video series for cyclists, drivers, educators, parents, and communities. Cycling attracts all ages and has a broad demographic from grassroots recreation to high performance competition.

The MCA has approximately 1000 licensed members and it is estimated that up to 13,000 cyclists commute daily in high season, based on a bike count study completed by Bike Winnipeg in 2012.

As the popularity of cycling grows so does the need for cycling safety education for all ages, both riders and drivers.  We have seen a steady increase in the number of commuters bicycling to school and work.  Between 2001 and 2006, commuter cycling in Winnipeg increased by 19.06 percent, faster than any other city in Canada.  There has been a 28 percent increase in commuter cyclists since 2007 and a 12 percent increase since 2012. In recognizing the need for more education, the MCA’s mission was to create a public learning video series that provided cycling skill and technique that would reach a broad demographic.

We are proud to share three cycling safety videos:

  • Bike Helmets 101
  • Bike Handling Skills 101
  • Traffic Skills 101



The videos are currently available in English with plans to release the skills videos in French later this summer. Our goal is to make these videos accessible to everyone and enhance cycling education for cyclists, drivers, educators, parents, and communities in Manitoba, across Canada, and beyond.

Please visit the bottom of this page to view and download the videos or go to for access to a free download.

“These are not your average run-of- the-mill safety videos” said MCA Executive Director Twila Pitcher. “Thanks to partnerships with the Government, Cycling Canada, local talent, and CAN-bike expertise from Bike Winnipeg we were able to create educational content that Manitoba firms Tetro Design and Handcraft creative were able to bring to life in a fun and entertaining way.”

“We are happy to support the Manitoba Cycling Association to promote safer cycling for all ages,” said Minister of Healthy Living & Seniors Sharon Blady. “The three videos are innovative and full of useful information for both a newcomer to cycling, as well as a seasoned commuter.”

“Cycling Canada and the CAN-BIKE program is very excited about the release of the CAN-bike cycling education videos” said Cycling Canada, CAN-bike coordinator Andy Wilson. The amazing work that was put into the production, by Tetro Design and Handcraft Creative will be a great educational tool for all cyclists who enjoy the daily commute, but more importantly for all of those vehicles who share the same roadways.”

“The experts say that to develop good hockey players, it’s best to start young with effective instruction and lots of reinforcement of safe practices” said Past MCA President Jason Carter.  “It’s the same for endurance or racing sports like cycling.  But cyclists have to ride on the province’s road system – there is no choice.  Tetro Design and Handcraft Creative have made road rules and safety techniques fun and interesting for athletes of any age!”

Testimonial: CAN-bike instructor, Dave Elmore :”The videos represent an excellent teaching tool, not only for the Can-bike program but also for anyone wanting to understand more about how to ride safely on their bike.”


  • Manitoba Healthy Living and Seniors
  • Cycling Canada Cyclisme (CAN-bike)
  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Parachute Canada
  • CAN-Bike educators: Dave Elmore, Curt Hull, Jeremy Hull, Howard Skrypnyk
  • Past President MCA, Jason Carter
  • Provincial Cycling Team :Actors
  • Calm Air
  • Tetro Design – Andrea Tetrault
  • Handcraft Creative – Raymond Friesen

Statistical Data:

  • The Canadian Community Health Survey of 2009 reports “In 2009, more than 11.4 million people aged 12 and older reported bicycling according to the Canadian Community Health Survey.  Of these, more than 4.1 million reported wearing a bicycle helmet all the time. “
  • Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Statistics 2011 report 52 bicyclists were fatally injured in 2011.
  • The economic burden of injury in Canada reports that in 2004 pedal cycle injuries cost $443M.


The Manitoba Cycling Association (MCA) is the not for profit, volunteer based Provincial Sports Organization responsible for the promotion and development of cycling in Manitoba.

For more information please contact: Twila Pitcher 204-925-5686