COVID-19 Update: Sep 01/21

We are continuing to monitor changes in Public Health regulations as they relate to the COVID-19 virus and the impact on Sport.


There are currently no restrictions for outdoor sport, including outdoor training, outdoor club rides, outdoor events, and outdoor bike camps/clinics etc. With this said the MCA recommends that masks be worn anytime you are unable to keep physically distanced at least 2M/6Ft from another person.  Safety First!


  • Youth are not required to be fully vaccinated at this time .  Youth means someone under the age of 18. Age 17 and under.
  • Youth (U18) can train at the Sport MB facility.  Masks will be required in change rooms, but not whilst engaging in the sporting activity.
  • Everyone age 18+ are adults and are required to be fully vaccinated to attend/spectate/participate in indoor activities. Every person over 18: coaches, managers, athletes, officials, spectators, volunteers, parents etc.
  • Children under the age of 12 are allowed entry to an indoor facility as long as they are attending with a fully vaccinated adult/parent/guardian.
  • It is up to the facility owner to ensure that the people entering facility meet the requirements


Please stay posted to the MCA website for further updates and clarification expected next week.