COVID-19 Update: Nov 3/20

COVID-19 Update: Winnipeg Metropolitan Region moves to Code Red

Effective today, the Province of Manitoba announced that the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region is being upgraded to Code Red for a period of 2 weeks.

New restrictions include:
-All recreational facilities, group sports, arcades, bowling, etc. suspended.
-All indoor and outdoor sport facilities closed.
-Gyms and fitness centres will have reduced capacity to 25 per cent and masks will be mandatory, even when exercising.

-The Provincial Cycling team will be suspending all group activity for the next two weeks. Our recommendation is for all clubs to follow suit.

Effective immediately the Sport Manitoba courts and flex space are closed for rentals, and the meeting rooms are also closed.

The Interlake–Eastern health region, Prairie Mountain Health region, and Southern Health–Santé Sud health region will be upgraded to Code Orange as per the Pandemic Response System. The Northern health region is currently in Code Orange and will continue to observe:Reduced spectators at sports and recreation facilities to 25 per cent. This occupancy limit applies to the entire facility. Ex: if a lobby’s capacity is 20 people, 5 people are allowed at once Gyms and fitness centers require contact information for all attendees and mask use at all times, except when exercising. We encourage one parent only to attend children’s activities.

For more information on these restrictions click here
Click here to view the full release

Public Health’s key takeaways from friday’s announcement include:
-Reduce the number of close contacts outside your household, and avoid closed-in or crowded spaces. 
-Stay home if sick. 
-Wash/sanitize your hands, cover your cough and physically distance when you are with people outside your household. 
-If you cannot physically distance, you should wear a mask to help reduce your risk. 
-Get a flu shot.

Hang in there everyone.  Hopefully we will see this move in a positive direction soon.