COVID-19 update: April 21/21



Wednesday, April 21, 2021

In follow-up to discussions today with Sport Manitoba, Jeff Hnatiuk (deputy minister of sport, culture, and heritage), and Dr J Atwal (Director of Care and Treatment at Health Canada) it is critical that we are hyper vigilant over the next few weeks to avoid the spread of COVID-19. The goal is to limit case generation and avoid shutdown, however this will take a “all hands-on deck approach” says Atwal.

To put the variants of the Virus that causes COVID-19 into perspective, they are more communicable. Using the UK Variant as an example, people are 50-80% more likely to get the variant if exposed and a “healthy” 20-year-old, is 7 times more likely to go to hospital. With this said, it is also understood that it is important for people of all ages and abilities to be as active as possible for both their physical and mental health. At this point in time the orders allow for group activities, but we must not skirt the rules, and if cases go up this could lead to stricter rules or a shut-down in the future.


As our sporting activity does not take place in a dedicated field of play, the public health orders for outdoor gatherings related to Cycling practices, rides, and programming allow up to a maximum of 10 athletes+ 2 coaches/instructors (or rides leaders in the case of club rides). Multiple groups/cohorts of 10 (+2) are allowed but they must not interact. Physical distancing (2 metres) within the designated groups is required at all times. Although masks are not required whilst riding your bike, they should be worn before and after practise to help reduce contact

It is suggested that for parents that are dropping off their kids, that they remain in their cars to avoid gathering before and after training. Car pooling should be avoided. If the club is gathering in the same location for a practise (where they will re-organize into smaller cohorts) consider organizing the groups in advance and coming up with a system for the athletes to find their coaches upon arrival and avoiding interactions with other groups.


The MCA does not have approval to proceed with multi-club events such as racing at this time. Public health is reviewing the best way forward and will notify us of any changes asap.

Clubs interested in organizing an event in 2021 should contact their Sport Director or the Manitoba Cycling Association.

  • Director – Mountain Biking: JP Peters
  • Director – Cyclocross (pending). MCA is accepting nominations for this position.
  • Directot – Road (pending). MCA is accepting nominations for this position.
  • MCA Executive Director: Twila Cruickshank

It is important that we continue to limit interactions and to make safe and responsible decisions. Thank you for your support and be safe!