Courses available for bicyle safety

There are more cyclists now than ever before in Canada and the  fastest-growing segments of the cycling community are teens and adults.  More than 45 percent of the Canadian population rides bicycles. That includes 90 percent of 14-year-olds and 70 percent of 15-to-17-year-olds. Two-thirds of adults, more than 14 million, ride a bicycle.

A study by Bike to the Future has found that nearly 13,000 people are commuting by bicycle in Winnipeg on a daily basis. That figure is up by 47 per cent compared to last year, and up 64 per cent since the non-profit advocacy group began conducting bicycle counts in 2007.

With more people on bikes, cycling education and road safety are more important than ever.  The “CAN-BIKE” program is a nationally standardized series of courses on all aspects of cycling safely.

Local Instructors who have been nationally certified and are available to provide courses to your schools, communiities, or  group !

Some options to consider :


  • Kids CAN-BIKE Festival :Introduces ages 8-13 key bike handling skills. Playground-based.
  • Kids CAN-BIKE :Course learn to ride safely on residential streets. Ages 9-13

 Beginner Adult Courses

  • Adult Learn to Ride 1 :For adults who have never ridden a bike.
  • Adult Learn to Ride 2 :For adults who are too unsteady to ride on streets.
  • Introduction to Cycling Skills :Basic, hands-on course for beginning cyclists.

More Advanced Adult Courses

  • CAN-BIKE 1 Course: Age 14+. Learn skills to ride safely on streets.
  • Cycling Freedom for Women:  Age 14+. Learn skills to ride safely on streets.
  • Rural Cycling:For the rural resident and the urban resident who tour in rural areas.
  • Commuter Cycling Skills:  Cyclists communiting to school and/or work.

Course Details (HERE)

To speak to a course instructor or in to inquire about setting up a course in Manitoba, please contact: