Commuter Challenge Update – Winnipeg in the lead!

Manitoba is still leading with the most registrations, and Winnipeg is blowing the other cities out of the water! Thompson is leading in it’s population category, and Brandon is in second place after North Vancouver.

If you have not already done do please register and log your commutes, we have until midnight, June 12th.

Here is the update from the national office:
500,000 to 1,000,000 people
We did not expect anything different: Winnipeg has been in a safe lead position long before Commuter Challenge started. The Green Action Centre is doing a fantastic job in engaging all Manitobans to commute greener. They are well on their way to surpass last year’s numbers with close to 3,400 participants; 2012 saw 5,200 participants in Winnipeg.
Ottawa and Edmonton are runner-ups but no real competition for Winnipeg. Both have a good number of workplaces registered but participants are still a little shy to track their commutes.

25,000 to 50,000 people
It’s a competition between BC and Manitoba. North Vancouver is currently in the lead followed with a good distance by Brandon. The latter has already surpassed last year’s mark and could easily reach twice as many people. Prince Albert ranks third and has slightly higher numbers than last year; mostly due to the participation of the City of Prince Albert. Still lots of potential there and half a week to go.

10,000 to 25,000 people
Thompson, Canmore and Nelson are vying for the top three places with Portage la Prairie close on their heels. Thompson is a little over halfway to their 2012 numbers. They have more workplaces than last year and could easily increase their numbers. Canmore is already past their benchmark and might be on their way to take the lead. Nelson is taking their time to catch up with last year’s numbers and might be surpassed by Portage la Prairie.

Happy Commuting !