Commissaire training – Mountain Bike (Deadline-March 14)

The Manitoba Cycling Association is looking to grow the number of Commissaires in the Province.  Commissaires are semi-professional volunteers who, when appointed to provincial and regional level races are paid an honorarium for races.

If you or an individual you know is interested in training as a Mountain bike commissaire please contact the MCA at 204-925-5686 by Monday March 14th!

A spring training date will be announced once interest is established!


There are exciting times ahead for Mountain Bike, including but not limited to:

The 2016 Power smart Manitoba Summer Games in Steinbach.

-A new MTB venue located in central Winnipeg (to be announced soon!).

-Our first National Test Event for MTB, this August 27th,2016 (in preparation for the Canada Summer Games).

-The 2017 Canada Summer Games (the biggest multi-sport event since the ’99 Pan Am Games).

-A strong MTB committee representing our clubs and Members in Manitoba which want to grow and promote the sport.

-A new Mountain Bike Trail coalition who will focus on future venue development and maintenance.

-A growing Kids of Mud program with new clubs expanding into all regions

-MTB Learning facilitators and Experienced MTB officials willing to mentor, develop, and support new  MTB officials.


Please help us grow our community of officials (in all disciplines) so we can continue to support our clubs, race organizers, and cycling development initiatives in general.