Commissaire Profile: Arlene Woodcock

We recently asked Arlene Woodcock to provide some background about her experience as an Road/Cyclcross official, how she got started, and what has kept her going for 16 years! For those who will be training this spring or have perhaps wondered about stepping into this role, here is some insight ….

Thank you Arlene!

How long have you been commissairing?

Since 2004.  

Why did you get involved?

Once introduced to the local sport of cycling, I thought since I was at the races anyway, I may as well make myself useful….

Your current status (credentials) and any future aspirations?

In 2013 I received my National Road license, and have since officiated at a Womens World Cup, 2 Cyclocross Nationals, Tour of Alberta and Canada Summer Games. Also in 2013 I received my Canada Cycling Learning Facilitator status, which enabled me to teach and license commissair

What you enjoy about the role?

The opportunity to get to know so many interesting people, mentor officials, many great friends, and watching local cyclists excel at the sport they love.  I’ve officiated at so many events, and I always learn something new at each one. 

Any other stories that may be interesting

After capturing the final Sprint at Stage 5 of the Tour of Alberta, my fellow finish judge and I joined the tail end of the caravan in our car.  We took the final turn onto the finishing circuit, only to realize that the chase rider, the entire peloton of 100+ riders and caravan missed the turn, left the course and raced into open traffic on the streets of St. Albert.   With amazing luck, there were no accidents.  After hours of racing in pouring rain, which included 5 mud road sections that day, everyone (except the solo break away) was neutraled in to the finish line.   And then many more hours to sort out the finish results and post-race reports.   That was a long day. 

2015 Tour of Alberta, Stage 4.  Marmot Basin in Jasper National Park

2017 Canada Summer Games.   The commissaire panel, including 5 local officials