Commissaire Director

I’m very pleased to inform the membership that on Monday the MCA Board appointed Ms. Karin McSherry as the MCA’s Commissaire Director for 2012. This role will be in addition to her position as KOM Coordinator.

The idea of creating a Commissaire Director on the Board has many reasons: Commissaires play a huge role in our complex organization and need to have a voice on the Board; Ms. McSherry is an A-level MTB commissaire and already acting as a convenor of mountain bike commissaires by coordinating their assignments and refresher courses; and Commissaire development is vital for the MCA if it hopes to provide more races in any of the disciplines.

Most of you know that the MCA Constitution does not have a designated director for Commissaires. However, that does not prevent the Board from assigning, from time to time, additional areas of responsibility to an existing director. That’s essentially what happened with Cross years ago and it’s just stuck to the Road Coordinator like mud (sorry).

Please join me in welcoming Ms. McSherry to this new role.

Jason Carter
MCA President