Multi-Sport Pilot program (FULL)..accepting Waitlist

Thank you for your interest in the Multi-sport pilot project. We are currently Full, but taking waitlists. You may waitlist with the MCA by calling 204-925-5686

ABOUT: The MCA in partnership with the Speed Skating, Cross-Country Sking, and Triathlon associations will be piloting a Multi-sport opportunity for existing members ages 8 to 12 starting this February, 2019! l

Endurance sports have historically seen a great deal of cross-over in their top performers. For example, a good skater or skier will often have an advantage in cycling or running.

This pilot program aims at offering athletes exposure to 4 different sports and new skills to aid in their athletic development. The endurance sports training will encourage skills and fitness progression, while maintaining the multi-sport variety that helps keep options open and allow participant to connect with multiple experiences and friends.

For the pilot program there will be a limit of 5 spots available for cycling (MTB) members on a first come, first serve basis. A maximum of 20 athletes will be involved with the project (5 from each sport). Each block of training will include 2-3 workouts, plus one competitive event.

The cost of the program will be $80.00 (+ tax) per athlete.

Please contact the MCA office for registration and further details.