Coaching Information – Standards for 2011 & Open House Feb 12

Last year, the Manitoba Cycling Association (MCA) Board of Directors developed and approved a Coaching Standards Policy in order to provide clarification of the minimum standards necessary to be a coach with the MCA at sanctioned races & club events. This policy was put in place to ensure the MCA, clubs and coaches are covered by our insurance policy for any liability coaches may be responsible for while performing their coaching roles. Attached you will find the following documents for your reference. The MCA worked with the KOM program coaches in 2010 on ensuring all documents were accounted for.

  • Coaching Standards Policy – This policy outlines what standards are required to be an active coach in or at one of the MCA’s programs. These standards must be completed prior to any level of coach being added to an MCA licence.
  • Club Coaching Sheet – This sheet is required to be filled out by your club prior to each coaching season and sent into the office. The office will in turn review and check what (if any) documents are missing from the coach’s file.

    For the 2011 season, each club is required to provided a list of coaches who will be coaching at your events. The office will check your list against the information we have in the office. The form will be returned to you with what information is require from your coaches. We request that each clubs assist us with the process of contacting coaches to get their paperwork into the office.

    The deadline for clubs to have the coaching sheet into the office is February 15th (KOM Clubs) or April 15 (Non-KOM clubs). The office will have your forms back to you within two weeks of your submission.  This will give your coaches enough time to get all documents into the office prior to the season starting.

    Please note that starting for the 2011 season, licenses with “coach” status will not be issued to individual coaches until all paperwork is confirmed by the office.  As a results, clubs will not insured until they have completed their coaching requirements for their respective club level, which means that club coaches must have their paperwork confirmed by the office for club status to be confirmed.


    All coaches in Manitoba that wish to have an MCA licence with coaching accreditation, must complete all the standards outlined in the policy before a licence will be issued.  Coaches are required to have all documentation provided to the MCA office (original, photocopy or clear PDF scans) and verified before their MCA licence will be issued. Here is a brief outline of what is required by the coaches.

    1)    Coaching Certification – including a practical and theory component, Respect in Sport online evaluation, and Making ethical Decisions evaluation. This provides each coach with a Coach Certification number, which the office can use to verify training status

    2)    Criminal Record Check – Coaches are responsible for completing this on their own and submitting a copy to the MCA office. Estimated turnaround to complete is 3-4 weeks through the Winnipeg Police Service. Also note, that you may be required to provide fingerprints as part of you application.  More information is available at:  Coaches who are outside the city of Winnipeg are asked to consult your local RCMP detachment.

    3)    Child Abuse Registry Check – Coaches are responsible for completing application. The MCA office has the ability to submit this for you free of charge as we are a non for profit organization with volunteer coaches. Attached are the requirements to submit to the office. You need to show two pieces of identification to the staff person (i.e. Twila or Jayson in the office). Acceptable identification has your name, address and date of birth. Examples of acceptable identification in addition to those listed include a student card, a professional licence, etc. If you intend to return the application to the MCA office by mail, you need to have your identification and consent verified by a Commissioner for Oaths, Notary Public or professional.   Estimated turnaround to complete is 3-4 weeks once submitted by the MCA to Manitoba Family Services & Consumer Affairs.  For more information and the application form, please see the attached PDF file. Please forward any questions to myself.

    4)    First Aid Certification – Coaches are expected to complete a Standard First Aid & CPR C certification a minimum of every 3 years.  Coaches are responsible for providing a copy of the certificate to the MCA office


    The MCA will be hosting a Coaching Open House from 10am – 12pm on Saturday, February 12 at the Sport Manitoba Building to provide an opportunity for clubs and coaches to get further information about the MCA coaching standards policy, NCCP courses and how coaches can transition into the new NCCP system.

    In order to help facilitate club and coaching needs, we would appreciate an RSVP no later than February 1 regarding the Feb 12 Open House to ensure that we are able to be prepared to answer all of your questions and concerns.  RSVPs can be sent to Jayson Gillespie at

    If you have any questions about the MCA Coaching Standards Policy, your coaches’ statuses, or any other coaching related questions, please feel free to contact Jayson Gillespie (; 925-5688).