Clubs Ride Reminders

Information on reporting of club rides can be found under the “club tab” of the MCA website.


You must meet the following conditions for the insurance policy to defend you in case of a loss:

  1. The club has a current (updated annually) Risk Management Plan (see Risk Management guidance below),
  2. Every member of the club has submitted a MCA waiver (When you purchase your individual license online, the waiver is included in your online license purchase. If Under the age of 18 a signed paper waiver must be returned to the office before the license can be printed)
  3. All club activities comply with published guidelines and are registered with the MCA (see Registered Club Activities below),
  4. All clubs must register annually with the MCA (via our online registration provider CCN) and pay the appropriate Affiliate Club Membership fee. 


A Club must undertake reasonable personal safety measures to safeguard members; such as, but not restricted to:

  • Each approved club activity (ride) should have a ride leader
  • The rider leader should have the means to contact emergency services (ie- a charged cell phone) and sufficient knowledge of the ride route to direct emergency services to the approximate location
  • First Aid Supplies
  • Risk Management Requirements for Cycling Clubs


The MCA is required to have on file a list of ALL club activities.  If the MCA does not know about the activity, it’s not considered sanctioned/covered by insurance.

This coverage is in effect subject to it being reported prior to the activity taking place and it meets the published guidelines for permitted activities. With affiliation, you are required to submit a schedule of your weekly activities and any other special activities that you are aware of. Any updates to this schedule must be sent via email to the MCA Executive Director for insurance coverage no less than 24 business hours in advance. Use the Club Activity form and email club activities to in advance.  You must receive approval (an email acknowledging/approving your activity) before it is considered “sanctioned”. 

Advance reporting of an activity indicates that some planning took place and that it is taking place under club rules, and the club executive is aware of the activity.