Club Rides – Phase 1 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

PHASE ONE (1) – Effective Immediately: Adult club rides for members will be able to resume providing participants follow all government mandated legislation. A MCA general membership and signed waiver must be in place for all participants

Q  Is this the waiver that everyone signs on CCN when they purchase their MCA membership or is this a special waiver because of COVID-19 regulations?
AIt is the same waiver a member signed when they purchased their license.  So, as long as the participant can show proof of a valid 2020 membership the waiver is already in place. 
QWhat about first-time riders just wanting to try out that do not have a membership yet?  
AFor club try-outs (first time riders), have them sign the waiver and scan/email to you in advance if possible.  Alternatively, you need to collect the paper waiver from them before they participate.  
QWhere can I find a copy of the waiver
ADownload copies are here:   Adult Youth  
QIs there a Ride Leaders’ training document that the MCA has prepared to train Ride Leaders on proper hand washing and sneezing/coughing practices?  
ANot at this time, however use this provincial resource and key points listed here for your ride leaders:  

-Sanitize your hands frequently: this will require everyone to bring their own sanitizer
-Avoid coughing or sneezing into your hand. 
-Use your elbow or upper arm.
-No spitting on rides.
-Stay home if you are sick
-Do not shake hands. Avoid touching your face.  

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