MCA Club Affiliation Deadline – March 31

Just a friendly reminder that if you are a club looking to Affiliate with the MCA, you may do so through our Online Registraion Option.

Steps for Online Registration for your Club:

1.Click (HERE) or choose the “Online Registration” Link to the right of this page.

2. Person completing the registration will complete the “new User” information.

3.Under ”Select who you would like to purchase a license for”, Choose ‘A Club or organization wanting to affiliate with the MCA’ then select ‘Order license’.

4. Proceed through to check-out.

Alternatively please forward a email ( to the MCA office confirming your 2012 Club level and forward payment to the office asap. We need to confirm all club affiliations by the end of March.

Just a reminder that If you are a  level A club you may be entitled to apply for a  Bingo Opportunity which equates to Funds for your club.

For details on Club Affiliation levels and benefits please click (HERE).

For information on MCA’s Bingo Policy please click (HERE).