Chief Peguis Trail Extension – Survey

If you missed the open house for the Chief Peguis Trail West Extension held this week, you can still provide input through the online survey up until November 21st to fill in the online comment survey. While there are many good things in the plans (pathways along Chief Peguis Trail, grade separations to Amber Trails, Precincts F & G, and Main Street), there are important elements that are still missing or fall short of what is needed to comply with the Pedestrian & Cycling Strategies, Our Winnipeg, and adopted Precinct plans.

Our Recommendations:

  • Extend Ferrier Pathway south to Leila to provide connectivity and link in with future cycling facilities on Leila and along the Winnipeg Beach rail line.
  • Change the at grade AT crossing at McPhillips to a grade separated

o   Drivers on Chief Peguis Trail will a grade separation over this six-lane highway, so should people walking or biking.

  • Plan for a future grade separation of CPT along NW Hydro Corridor Greenway

o   Future connectivity into Precinct D as part of the Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies spine network;

o   Provides north/south connectivity to the Leila & McPhillips Regional Mixed Use Centre;

o   This is far more important than a future grade separation at Brookside Boulevard

  • Include cycling facilities along Pipeline Road as proposed in the Pedestrian & Cycling Strategies
  • Preserve the Bergen Cut-off lands for future AT from Ritchie Street to Jefferson @ King Edward (or thereabouts)

o   Add this right of way to the City of Winnipeg Bicycle Network as an off-street pathway

  • Provides connection into Waterford Green trail system and School Site
  • Provides connection to Castlebury Meadows Trail system
  • Provides future connections for Precinct B
  • Provides connections for Amber Trails neighbourhood
  • Connects the western terminus of Amber Trails pathway to future Leila protected bike lanes/path
  • Connects Bitterfield to CPT via linear park
  • Ensure that future bicycle network facilities are displayed on all public engagement materials, especially those aimed at soliciting public feedback.
  • Ensure that adopted precinct plans are displayed as part of future public engagement processes involving transportation or land development.